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Our K-12 online middle school program supports grades 6-8. It is built to prepare your child for high school, get them on course for graduation, and lay out a path to their dreams.

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“The teachers, counselors and staff are amazing. They are extremely dedicated, and they provide the best education to my son. I am very thankful to all of them."
Elton, Glendora
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With our WASC-accredited online learning program
With our WASC-accredited online learning program, you can trust our curriculum to prepare your child for graduation and beyond.
Small classes and frequent check-ins
Small classes and frequent check-ins give middle schoolers the attention they need to succeed.
Self-paced learning programs
Self-paced learning programs help your student catch up quickly, spend more time on difficult subjects, or race ahead.
Students can choose
Students can choose from elective courses, learning tiles, and tons of extracurriculars.
With more than 140 courses approved
With more than 140 courses approved by NCAA and UC A-G, students can stride toward their post-graduation goals.

Race Ahead with Independent Reading

Reading comprehension is critical to your middle schooler’s future. Students can sharpen their reading skills with our independent reading program. It gives students grade level books and quizzes to encourage independent reading and push them forward.

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Learn in a Safe, Fun Environment

We use advanced online safety features, such as bullying reports, to ensure your student is growing in an online learning community that is comfortable, inclusive, and fun.

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"Online school seems way better than actually having to go in, and the people that we have worked with seem pretty awesome so far."
Lauren, Menifee
Girl learning in a safe, fun environment