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December 12, 2022

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Austin Cipres

Introducing a Four Day Attendance Option For San Diego Student Athletes

John Wooden once said, “Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the

best that you are capable of becoming.”

At Dehesa Method Sports Academy, we strive for excellence in all aspects of our program, with a goal of empowering student-athletes with all the necessary tools to excel and dominate in both classrooms and on the playing field. Dehesa specialists understand that each day presents various challenges for families and students, which is why our flexible schedule is so beneficial. Our students learn on campus from Monday through Thursday and learn from home on Fridays.

One of the incredible benefits of joining the DMSA program is that our trainers and academic staff, partner with students, right where they’re at, scholastically and athletically. A commonly asked parent question centers on if students need to be elite-level athletes in order to join Dehesa. The answer is no. There are many benefits for students who train and participate in Dehesa, such as physical health, mental wellness, improved social skills, and ultimately helping students to become well-rounded, successful adults.

Healthy Habits:

Another advantage of participating at DMSA is our focus on proper nutrition. We commit to fueling our students each day while instilling healthy habits that will increase overall athletic performance, training, and academic excellence. When a child understands the benefits of healthy nutritional choices, how they should treat their bodies, and what their performance looks like after applying these methods, they will have a new perspective on healthy nutrition that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. Lastly, according to Education Weekly, students who participate in sports are less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, as they understand the impact of taking care of their bodies to enhance their athletic performance.

Responsibility and Organization:

Participating in athletics is one of the most effective ways of teaching your children the value of responsibility and organization. At DMSA responsibility and organization are two key elements to developing overall success. The proof is in the results. Students who take direct responsibility for their practice and training, with a mindset of organization and preparation will experience a direct impact on personal and team performance. This behaviorism is also highly valuable in the classroom. Excellent academic results come from taking ownership of all aspects of classroom responsibilities, including homework, test preparation, and participation. Excellent academics are a direct result of responsibility and organization in the classroom. Our expectation for our students is that they will “do their best and become the best that they are capable of becoming.”


At DMSA, students will be challenged in every part of every day. They will be motivated and encouraged to give their best effort in all that they do, setting personal goals along the way, resulting in self-confidence and accomplishment. They will always be encouraged to strive for personal bests and success while receiving encouragement from coaches, teammates, and teachers. We want DMSA students to understand the power of setting their minds on a goal and achieving it. This is a skill that will impact them throughout their lives.

Healthy Competition:

Along with success, is also the element of failure, which every individual experiences at one time or another. Healthy competition does not just include winning, but how one conducts themselves when faced with loss or failure. Realistically speaking, your student is not likely to win every competition or perhaps not even be the most gifted athlete on the team, but we embrace all levels of athletes and create an environment of healthy competition. According to, “healthy competition helps you push yourself and your teammates to greater heights.” At DMSA, your student will be surrounded by high-level athletes whose skill level may very well exceed their own, pushing them to be better. At Dehesa Method Sports Academy we approach student losses in a positive manner, motivating them to consistently grow and improve. These skills will translate into adulthood when your child is faced with adversity in the workplace or in life, they will be able to handle failure and strategize how improvement can be made.

Introducing a Four

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