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December 13, 2018

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Steve Bentley

A Culture of Service

Why Community Service Matters to Us.

One of the hallmarks of what we do at Method Schools relates directly to how we are shaping and affecting our community. It is an integral part of who we are at Method. One goal for all Method students is to learn the importance of giving back to those in need, helping those less fortunate than us, or just giving someone a helping hand. We believe that helping others, solely for the sake of helping, can in itself, be a valuable learning and life lesson.

Intrinsic Rewards are Valuable

We believe that children who see the value in charitable work at an early age, benefit in so many beautiful ways. First, the intrinsic satisfaction that one feels when helping others can be incredibly motivational. Seeing the pleasure and thanks in the eyes of another, because you have a piece of yourself to help someone; who may be a stranger, can be truly magical. In a world where we are becoming continually more isolated as a result of technological advances, young people are finding it more challenging to understand true empathy and actually, take time to slow down to help others. Volunteering helps them to see themselves ‘in someone else’s shoes’ for a short while.

World Changers

Students who volunteer, have a broader view of the world, and the often-humbling experience of serving others, drives them to explore how they can further help make a positive change in their world. Additionally, volunteering exposes students to people of different ethnic, cultural and demographic backgrounds. Quite honestly, volunteerism opens up a world that most of our children may never see. It starts important conversations of how and why people are in their specific situations and can be a real motivator toward student performance and attitude, both in school and at home.

Family Service is Family Time

One final note. In our fast-paced world, we often feel as though there is not a time to slow down and take a break. Stepping away from other responsibilities to spend some valuable time with family members, can become a wonderful family-bonding experience that can extend generations. Overall, the skills, emotions, and life-lessons gained through helping others can be truly life-changing, for those you support, your children, and yourself. Happy Volunteering!

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