Method high school students can now earn college credit from College of the Canyons Find Out How
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Method high school students can now earn college credit from College of the Canyons
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April 14, 2015

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Isa Venezia

A Word on Class Sizes

Think for a second about kindergarten. Do you remember a lot? Finger painting, macaroni art, learning the alphabet… The most important thing about kindergarten was getting a good foundation for the rest of your education. Kindergarten classes were usually small- but for what reason?

Small classes ensure close contact with your teacher. They’re able to develop a personal connection with you, and by doing that, make sure you’re learning at a healthy pace and not falling behind. When you’re able to get one-on-one help from your teacher, someone you trust, it’s easier to be open about what you’re excelling in and what you may be struggling with. It enables you to move at your own pace, without fear of being compared to your peers.

Large classes, on the other hand, are -well- large. It’s easier to slip between the cracks and be unnoticed by a teacher who has 40 other names to remember. You might be afraid to voice your own opinion, worried that a large group of others don’t share the same one. There is a larger feeling of competition. With so many students in one class, it begins a kind of rivalry to see who is the best of the best.

If you can, choose a school that offers smaller classes! You’ll get more out of it, and you can be sure of your own personal growth in your education.

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