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August 3, 2018

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Amy Pinter

Are We Just Another Charter School?

I wrote my last blog addressing back to school student complaints. I’m new to the blogging scene and wondered at the approach to take. I am a parent of 3 children who now range from middle school to college. But I am also a teacher and I have a degree in business. I’ve worked and taught in a variety of grades and spent time learning differentiated approaches for children with varying academic, emotional, and physical needs. Like any parent, I wear many different hats and even a few more as a marketer and teacher.

But it made me think long and hard what I would want to read while wearing my parent hat.

Yes, Method Schools is another charter school in Southern California. I can present facts and use buzz words but really what makes this school set apart from any other efficient charter school.

As a parent, I want to know if my son will get help from his teacher. I don’t mean traditional setting help where your child raises their hand with a question and the teacher answers in front of the whole class. I mean, for my child who struggles to raise his hand in a room full of students, afraid his question will make him sound stupid. Or for those times when my son's classroom has 36 students and there just isn’t enough time to stop and talk to each student.

As a parent I want to know if my daughter who loves to read and write short stories will have to sit through lessons about synonyms and verbs while she would rather write a comparative essay about her two favorite books or create a graphic novel.

As a parent I want to know if my eldest son is just a number in a grade book and remembers his name. Does the teacher know that he likes to play Ark, hates reading but loves to draw and despite his lack of reading has an amazing ability with words and excelling in debate. Or is he just another student pushing through the mill of traditional learning.

As a parent of three, my kids do not fall into the typical student categories such as athletics or band. They aren’t likely to join a club or after school sport for a number of reasons. Perhaps the school doesn’t offer something in their interest group or they are not sure and do not want to commit long-term to something.

Method Schools a mix of virtual and independent learning. There’s that scary buzz-word independent. But independent encompasses learning at an individualized paced. Excelling in areas of strength and mastering skills at their speed instead of the pre-planned lesson schedule.

Blended is another charter school buzz-word. How does it apply to Method Schools? Not really! Method Schools is a school of virtual learners who meet with their teachers and other students in online meetings.

As a teacher, I meet with students weekly addressing their questions and helping them on their work. As a parent, I know that my child gets personal attention and feels comfortable enough to ask questions. I know that he’s not forgotten or overlooked.

Finally, Method Schools offers students the ability to try new activities and subjects through a variety of class formats. These classes are offered onsite or virtually where they can meet with other students and a teacher or use an approved vendor to try a new activity.

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