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July 10, 2018

2 min

Amy Pinter

Back to School Blues

 Towards the end of July, stores start advertising Back to School Sales on everything you need and didn’t think you needed; but hey it’s on the list.

With those sales come the cries from the backseat, “I hate school, it’s too hard, it’s boring, I hate getting up in the morning, and I hate homework.” Sound familiar?

Kids have to attend school for our sanity and their future. But are their complaints legitimate?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the homeschool movement and with it has come the proliferation of online homeschool programs.

According to a new joint report from the National Center on Time & Learning and Neag’s Center for Education Policy Analysis, extending the school year is not necessarily the answer for increasing academic achievement. Instead, the study determined that “it’s what we do with those school days”. The average school day is 6.75 to 7 hours and the quantity of time cannot be translated into the quality of learning.

So perhaps your child’s objections are not that far from off. Can you honestly say you’re satisfied with your child’s academic progress and standing?

Solution? Method Schools

Let’s address your student’s objections, your concerns, and some facts:

It's too hard! Struggling students are frustrated students.

  • Sometimes the struggle is not an academic issue but a mindset problem. Research by the University of Chicago Consortium “shows that academic mindsets are a better predictor of student success than any other determining factor.”

Method Schools staff and teachers work hard to encourage positive thinking, approach challenges positively, and model perseverance during learning.

It’s boring! Bored students aren’t learning students.

  • In an article in Harvard. Ed Magazine, Associate Professor Jal Mehta, believes the student transition from tactile and creative learning to regimented subject learning is effectively boring our students.

Method Schools offers extra-curricular subject blocks to help your child explore new hobbies, try new subjects, and interests.

I hate getting up in the morning! Tired students are underperforming students.

  • A published study in the Journal of School Health and National Institute of Health suggests that insufficient sleep has been associated with a variety of poor outcomes involving physical health, behavioral issues, and lower academic performance. Instead delayed times saw improvement in all three categories.

Method Schools start time is your time! Log in to your classes mid-day or early morning, Attendance is based on daily work not the time you show up for class.

I hate homework! Method Schools does not have homework.

How will my child’s academic strengths and weaknesses benefit from your school?

Method Schools academic program is personalized; students meet virtually with their teacher for personalized academic lessons based on their needs.

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