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December 16, 2019

2 min

Lisa Honig

Games Increase Math Skills

Don’t we all just want to play games all day instead of doing homework? Well, there is a way to improve mathematical thinking and have social time with your family by playing board games. All board games have an educational component in them. It may be memorization, strategizing, critical thinking, etc. but there are some games that specifically focus on the math part of the brain.


A game that has many variations and can be easily played using a deck of cards. The rules are simple, sets of three can go on the table (either color or numerical) and after that, they can be added on by any player. It will help your child to improve their number sense, memory, and organizational skills. As the scrabble of numbers, a must-play this holiday.

Ticket to Ride

Travel by rail to the city’s all over North America in seven days. It is. A multiplayer role-playing game. You earn the most points by making the longest routes on the board. There are key math and critical thinking skills developed by playing this game. Kids love it and soon can’t stop playing as soon as they understand the rules.


Thinking in patterns is an essential math skill, and in this game it is combined with speed. New cards being added to the table every time makes that you have to reconsider your choices and make a set! But you have to be fast before someone else sees the pattern. Start with fewer cards to get the brain used to the colors and patterns before building it into an advanced and fast-paced game.

Rat a Tat Cat

A compact card game that involves mice and cats and a lot of memorization skills. Witching cards with payers and with the bank makes that you need to remember what you already have and where! You are only allowed to look at your card once and then have to place it face down on the table until the end of the game. Lots of fun guaranteed.


6 colors and 6 shapes making combinations up/down and left/right, you can slowly add on a piece by piece or add a whole qwirkle at once. There is quite a bit of strategy involved which will help develop critical thinking skills. The patterns are all over this game which will help students see mathematical patterns in their schoolwork.

With the holiday season coming this might be the opportunity to try some of these games and become stronger at mental math at the same time.

Enjoy the holidays and keep the brain working.

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