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October 30, 2018

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Sabrina Godshaw

Connecting Student and Teacher to Greater Heights

What makes a student successful in education? What makes a teacher successful in building a connection with a student? There are a lot of factors contributing to this, but communication is key.

One of the helping hands in the connection between student and teacher is technology and we are an online homeschool with lots of online support from the teacher . Technology has become the bridge to successful and effective communication between the school and home. Not only does it aide in communication, but it aids in the presentation of an individual. I believe it has the ability to shut down the embarrassment between the student and his or her classmates by making it easier to voice their questions and comments via email, chat, or video. It’s important for your child to know they are heard. Being able to have a voice can increase:

  •       Self-confidence
  •       Group engagement
  •       Participation in the classroom
  •       Leadership skills
  •       Develop speaking skills

The support from teachers encourages our students to express themselves and provide feedback. We are passionate about listening to the “adults in the making” and strive to shift from “crusty” traditional ways of, “Do as you’re told”, and, “Don’t ask,” to “Great idea! I respect your insight”.  Your child’s concerns and thoughts should not be undervalued as they are the future citizens of our community. Small group instruction encourages each student to support one another.

Being in a virtual classroom makes it easier for them to ask questions amongst their classmates. We collectively issue surveys to our students on what they envision for their school.  Students enjoy having a say on what extracurricular classes we offer and we can develop and design our school based on current trends and interests of our students.

"A supportive home structure that emphasizes learning and education probably plays the most important role. But in the classroom, whether online or in person, the teacher is key" according to Mark Holley in his blog, Teacher is Still King Today. That is what sets us apart from other schools; we’ve expanded the roads of communication to alleviate delays and reduce levels of parent and student frustration.

We provide our students the communication needed to receive an almost immediate response. We understand the sense of urgency to capture learning at the moment so we've cut the delay so you can get all the help you need when needed; the highest level of teacher support. We administer quarterly student and parent surveys to ensure the communication standards between families and teachers are met.

We value our families and their continued support and hope that as we grow, your feedback continues to strengthen the lines of communication between student and parent, and our teachers. We do what we love because we believe your child has the ability to thrive and exceed their goal expectations.


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