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August 26, 2014

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Dr. Jessica Spallino

Curriculum That Adapts to Each Student

There is an abundance of technological tools available today to enhance and support our every need. As a school with a mission to utilize the most innovative tools and practices available to successfully support students, we at Method Schools have researched the best technological tools and practices available.

At Method Schools, our approach is not to acquiesce our expectation of excellence to technology alone, but have developed a program that leverages what we have found to be the most powerful components of the technological tools available today and to combine them with purposeful collaboration and individualized instruction.

Utilizing adaptive curriculum and assessment tools allows us to employ a data driven model that aims to deliver content more efficiently so that students are receiving only the instruction and content they need. This efficient approach creates additional time for meaningful collaboration on projects that allow for student interest and meaningful interaction.

Adaptive curriculum and assessment tools act as the engine of the Method Schools educational program. Adaptive learning uses state-of-the-art technology to individualize lessons for each student. In the adaptive math courses we offer, the system intelligently adapts to the student’s skill and knowledge level, providing activities and practice to help struggling students master concepts and skills before moving on.

Using results from assessments, prescriptive learning and remediation tools provide individualized, targeted content to create a unique learning path for each student. This efficient approach allows for increased time on collaborative projects that not only reinforce learned concepts, but allow for creative thinking. We believe this overall approach provides a holistic approach to educating students that will enable them to grow not only acadmeically, but personally, socially, and creatively as well.

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