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March 19, 2019

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5 Tips for Successful Independent Study

When you join the wondrous world of a quality virtual charter school, you have plenty to gain; a better education as well as the flexibility to have fun and be successful. You will find it engaging for your child, the one who get easily bored at school. For gifted learners, they will be better challenged; with those who struggle, they can move at their own pace. The “wondrous” part is that you gain flexibility and better student engagement. As with any great undertaking, there are tips that will make your child’s academic life more manageable and even easier. Here are our top five:

1. A Positive Attitude

How can my child be successful in an online school? A positive attitude will help you have a better focus and temperament to accomplish anything in life, especially anything that deals with effort and growth. When you are optimistic and confident, you will have a greater drive and be able to accomplish tasks faster, more efficient and in a better manner regardless of talent or intelligence. Having trouble with this? Then, consider what you have to be grateful with. Gratitude is the secret sauce to a good attitude as well as contentment and success. This will be contagious to your entire family and inspire your children to work better and improve.

2. A Consistent Workspace

Carve out a space that is naturally well lit and where you will have your student do their work. Create a reading nook, a place for notes and work that is neat and organized; this will create a less stressful environment and help you and your student to stay organized, more efficient and be able to accomplish more. Make sure you have all the supplies you will need, so your day and your child's day is not interrupted by a dash to a stationary store.

3. Have a Routine

Students need structure, parameters, and stability for success. That is, make a reasonable schedule and a study plan, and have a good pacing guide. Then, let it run, make any adjustments you need and when it is working, then stick to it. This will help you, and your student maintain growth, self-discipline, and consistency.

4. Time Management

Invest in a quality daily planner or Google Calendar that has a datebook where you can keep track of upcoming events and daily schedule. You should plan ahead and stay focused. It can easy to fall behind when you aren't on top of it all. Check with your school or if the curriculum has a pacing guide; if not, make one. Make sure you take breaks, and exercise helps the mind and body work better. Don't overdo it by taking on more than you can handle.

5. Curriculum

A good curricula is critical. If your child doesn't understand the lessons being taught or trouble with turning in assignments on time, they can jeopardize themselves whether they're in a public school or homeschool. A curriculum needs to follow your child’s learning style, be easy for you, the parent to monitor progress as well as catch the attention and the wonder of the student; of course, it also needs to be relevant and have high academic standards. Here at Method, we use SmartFox which is all inclusive with our homeschool program, 100% online, and works on all devices. There is also “Edgenuity” which is also online. And more traditional workbook-based curriculums include, “School House Teachers,” “All About Reading,” “Bookshark,” “Teaching Textbooks,” and “Singapore Math” to name a few.

Don't forget to take advantage of homeschooling and get out and have fun. One of the biggest rewards of a virtual public school is the flexible schedule. If your school doesn't offer activities, then join a group for homeschool events, like “Meetup,” and plug yourselves in. Go on field trips and adventures, so learning comes alive and is fun. When you follow these tried and true tips for a better homeschool or virtual school experience you will have more socializing and better results; not to mention your peace of mind and your child’s growth and success.

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