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October 14, 2014

2 min

Mark Holley

Method and The Common Core (again...)

Does Method "Follow Common Core?"

We get asked frequently - all the time really - if we "follow common core," "do common core," "align with common core," etc. Sometimes, people have heard just a little about Common Core State Standards and are curious to hear more. More often than that, however, people are using the question as a filter or "deal killer" in determining if they want to send their child to Method. Some even use the question as an opportuntity to engage in a political dicussion about the Core. That's unfortunate.

Method and The Core

Our stance is quite simple. Standards come and go regardless of which president is in office, or which political party is in control. It's a fact that politicians are continually trying to put their stamp on education, whether at the federal, state, or local level. The current set of standards that we're required to align to in order to receive funding is the Common Core. Method is a public school that delivers what we believe is a private school quality education for free. But, as a public school there are requirements we must meet that are beyond our control.

In studying the requirements of the Core, we've found that Method already aligned to the standards before the standards were put in place. Our school is all about innovation, progress, engagement and measurement. We hope that parents will choose schools based on what they believe is best for their student(s), and not because of political beliefs. We live in an age of school choice, and families have a fantastic opportunity to enroll their children in schools that work best for them.

Moving Forward

We'll continue to get asked about the Common Core, and that's OK with us. We just hope parents won't make decisions based on the Core alone. There's so much more we could be talking about when it comes to educating children.

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