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March 31, 2020

2 min

Dr. Jessica Spallino

Modeling Support During This Unprecedented Time

During these unprecedented times, the entire field of education is making modifications to the way they deliver content and instruction. Though there are some of us who have always delivered the bulk of our educational programs virtually or through a distance modality, we have still had to alter how we deliver support in a variety of ways. As an online, independent study program, with our own developed student information system and comprehensive online course catalog, Method Schools has eliminated some elements of our program, such as our traveling Teach Squad that meets with various groups of students throughout the counties and closed our headquarter site for those staff that previously opted to collaborate in person.

Other schools and programs who did not have an online delivery infrastructure in place, are diligently working to develop systems to reach students virtually. As we look to the overall educational system, it is an incredibly rare opportunity to “reach across the aisle”, if you will, and support each other in empowering who we came to this industry for: the students. In any distance learning model, the relationship and ongoing support we provide for the student, especially during tumultuous times, is by far, the most impactful aspect of an online modality. The investment in the content and ongoing growth is at its highest when we default to the fundamentals of reaching the student on a personal and supportive level.

At Method Schools, we hope to not only support our students on a deeper and more meaningful level during these uncertain times, but also be of support to anyone we can within this exceptionally rewarding business of supporting students. We aim to consistently model that care and support to all of our students and those within the educational industry during this time.


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