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May 23, 2017

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Method Schools Team

Must-Have Resources for Online High School Students

Although online schooling offers a host of amazing benefits such as increased independence and positive atmosphere, finding extra resources and tools for online high schoolers is sometimes a challenge. Healthy and enjoyable resources should complement their education and help them grow physically, mentally, and socially. While many great resources and extracurricular activities are often included within an online homeschooling program, it's still wise to invest in some additional outside resources to supplement their school program. Many of these extra resources are easy to use and completely free for teens and their families. As parents, we should strive to help our children find all the resources they need to succeed.


High school is a busy and challenging time for students. Upcoming assignments, projects, homework, and study time are all tricky things to juggle. Some high schoolers feel overwhelmed by their workload and due dates. Help bring some sanity and peace to your child's busy schedule with these free and comprehensive organizational tools.

This online organizational platform is by far one of the best tools to help students keep their schedule free from clutter and chaos. It's also available in an app form for Iphones. This organizational tool offers a calendar dashboard feature to visualize very upcoming plan and school assignment for the entire month. Students can set personalized remainders to ensure that nothing is forgotten. This tool also offers the ability to take class notes directly and store them on their personalized account.

For students who work best with visual tools, this free source for organizational charts offers students a customized way to design the perfect chart or organizer. Your child can pick from a variety of chart templates and insert their own projects and goals. Students can use one chart to break down a large, intimidating project into smaller, visual steps. These templates are a great way to keep a large variety of projects organized and easy to see at a glance.

Your child can bring their organization on the go with this handy reminder app for creating multiple to-do lists. This program allows them to sync their lists to a variety of mobile platforms such as their computer, email account, and cell phone. It sends helpful reminders to each device to ensure nothing is forgotten. Students can also customize each of their to-do lists according to priority and due date.

Health and Fitness

Online schooling is often unfairly stigmatized as a very sedentary and low-activity school choice. This couldn't be further from the truth! Although online high schoolers do spend a substantial amount of time at their desk and computer, many great health and fitness opportunities are still available for them. There are some powerful resources available for parents and their teens to help them stay informed of their health and find fitness choices that match their interests.

  • Local Gym memberships

Although many people naturally assume that gym memberships are too costly or confusing to arrange, high school students have a unique benefit. Many gyms offer high school membership discounts and other perks to make the gym experience more pleasant and cost-effective for teens and their families. Inquire with gyms in your area and check what specials they offer for teenagers. Regularly attending a high-quality gym is a great way for teens to set healthy fitness goals and make new friendships with fellow members. Some gyms also offer classes and special fitness programs designed to build healthy habits early in life.

  • Sports Teams

Your child doesn't have to be part of a traditional school setting to enjoy sports and the "team" experience. Check with your child's online school program for any athletic opportunities. Also, check around your city for private sports programs in your area that cater to your child's interests and age level. Regardless of skill level, being part of a sports team is the perfect way to build confidence, physical skills, grit, and team spirit with fellow members.

Finding well-presented, age appropriate resources for sexual education and other aspects of teen life is a daunting task for parents. Although the best advice your teen can receive comes from you as their parent, organizations such as Stay Teen also offer a fresh, intelligent perspective on some of the biggest teen challenges such as bullying, relationships, and personal health.

College Preparation

High school years pass by very quickly! Graduation and college preparation time arrive much quicker than many families believe. It's wise to allow your child to begin planning and preparing for college early rather than waiting for their senior year.

This online learning platform offers thousand of free online classes and practice questions. Skilled, thorough instructors carefully explain complex math and science skills and demonstrate step-by-step how to solve problems. For students struggling in these areas, this free tutoring resource is very helpful for building their skills and confidence. Khan also offers many college preparatory tools designed to offer clear answers and college enrollment tips to teens and their families. This is a great, user-friendly resource for families new to college application and the enrollment experience.

Although many high school students have at least a general idea of what direction they wish to pursue in college, it's not uncommon for students to feel confused and overwhelmed by the huge amount of choices and degree options. College Outlook offers students an easy survey and assessment to help them organize their interests and begin exploring what degree and career options are appealing. This resource also provides great information on thousands of colleges and career ideas.

Online schooling is a highly-sought after education choice. Parents love the idea of being able to provide a safe and pleasant learning atmosphere for their children. This school option also helps students gain valuable independence and self-teaching skills. When paired with extra resources and tools, online high schoolers are well-prepared for college and the journey ahead.


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