This past quarter at Method, we created a tile called “Brainology” which focused on how we can train our brains to:

● Be positive even in times of stress
● Replace negative self-talk with positive
● Learn that mistakes are ok

To practice this attitude is to have a growth mindset.

Every Monday, we would meet as a group in Zoom and watch videos, talk about self-confidence, and defined words like: growth mindset, perseverance, resilience, setbacks, and grit. We looked at examples of successful people and focused on what they overcame before they became successful. From this, we learned that everyone makes mistakes. It’s not the end of the world when you make mistakes. It’s actually good for you because you learn from mistakes and that’s called grit.

In the end, we brainologists train our brains to grow bigger and stronger through perseverance and believe having a growth mindset can help you too! During our last meeting, we created a poster together giving you five good reasons to have a growth mindset. We hope you join the growth mindset movement, too!