Back to the Roots of Independent Study Public Charter Schools

I've worked in the independent study public charter school space since 1999 back when they were far more utilitarian than they have become today. There were no funds for families to spend, no selecting and purchasing preferred curriculum, and no desire for freedom from the requirement to...

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Identifying and Meeting Learner Needs When Teaching Small Class Sizes

Education is crucial to the success of an individual in their adult life, and the best way to start that individual off on the right path is by providing the most superior education that you as a parent can provide. While many public schools get a bad reputation for huge classes and little...

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4 Superior Reasons Small Class Size in Charter Schools are Vital for Student Success


Providing an education for your children is one of the most awesome responsibilities parents have. The quality of your children’s education is the gateway to future opportunities and determines, in part, their success in college and beyond. Finding the type of school for your children is...

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10 Reasons to Enroll Your Child In A School With Small Class Sizes


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How Does a Small Class Size Change Your Child's Education?

In many cases, you hear the buzz about a concept long before you're able to see what actual results it will have for your student. "Small class sizes" sound great. You understand that's something important for your child's education. Unfortunately, what you really want to know is how much of a...

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What's Up Next For Method Schools?

As we approach the holiday season and 2016 winds down, I wanted to share some of the great things that are happening and will be happening as the school year progresses. We've conducted surveys and we've spoken with parents, students, and Method staff. And our dedicated team has researched the...

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Does Class Size Impact Student Achievement?

Traditionally, small class size is one of the very first things to be cut during budget tightening or financial crisis in public schools. I have heard many stories of teachers having so many students crammed in a classroom that walking around the room was a challenge at times. From an...

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Yes...Class Size Matters

Imagine it's your child's first day of kindergarten, and you anxiously drop her off at school. You're proud that she's achieving this milestone but also worried that she won't fit in, won't find her voice within the class. Would you rather her first real experience with school be in a classroom...

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What are the Advantages of Small Class Sizes?


Everyone hears about the uproar when class sizes are increased in an effort to avoid having to increase the budget enough to add a new teacher in a public school system.  You probably know that schools with small class sizes are more desirable than schools with large ones; but what exactly is...

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What's So Important About Small Class Sizes?

Small class sizes. It's one of those popular phrases everyone from politicians to school principals loves to cite as a goal. And, of course, a small class size is every teacher’s dream. But why? Is the size of a child’s class really all that important? Don’t teachers just want smaller class...

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Dr. Jessica Spallino
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We have experienced a few Charters and none have come close to what method has been able to provide us. We look for a community and support for my Charter and Method his provided that for us on a weekly in some weeks even daily basis. They have amazing field trips, amazing staff and are very kind and relatable. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for extra support or even just a good sense of community while homeschooling. My son has been so proud to tell people about his Charter this year. Here is to many more years making friends and memories.


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