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February 3, 2016

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Jade Fernandez

UC Courses – Why I Should Take UC/a-g Courses?

These letters seem to mean so much on a high school transcript, but does you know what they mean? UC/a-g courses are courses that have been reviewed by the UC committee and deemed to have the rigor of a college preparatory course. In short, these classes are designed to prepare you for college. They are meant to emphasize analytical thinking – challenging the student with substantial reading, writing, and problem solving requirements.

If you intend to become a UCLA Bruin or a Cal Bear, if you intend on applying to any University or California (UC) or California State University (CSU) school, straight out of high school, the expectation is that you take a required selection of courses in order to apply.





History/Social Science

2 years



4 years



3 years (4 recommended)


Lab Science

2 years (3 recommended)


Languages other than English

2 years (3 recommended)


Visual/Performing Art

1 year (consecutive semesters)



1 year

Luckily, Method Schools offers a large selection of UC/a-g approved courses that still have the convenience and flexibility of online curriculum. To find out what courses we offer, go to the UC/a-g portal.

Method offers a summer school option with a comprehensive UC-approved course list to help students make up credits or work ahead for next year. Want to learn more? Simply click the button below.

Learn More About Summer School

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