UC Courses – Why I Should Take UC/a-g Courses?

These letters seem to mean so much on a high school transcript, but does you know what they mean? UC/a-g courses are courses that have been reviewed by the UC committee and deemed to have the rigor of a college preparatory course.  In short, these classes are designed to prepare you for college.  They are meant to emphasize analytical thinking – challenging the student with substantial reading, writing, and problem solving requirements.

If you intend to become a UCLA Bruin or a Cal Bear, if you intend on applying to any University or California (UC) or California State University (CSU) school, straight out of high school, the expectation is that you take a required selection of courses in order to apply.





History/Social Science

2 years



4 years



3 years (4 recommended)


Lab Science

2 years (3 recommended)


Languages other than English

2 years (3 recommended)


Visual/Performing Art

1 year (consecutive semesters)



1 year

Luckily, Method Schools offers a large selection of UC/a-g approved courses that still have the convenience and flexibility of online curriculum.  To find out what courses we offer, go to the UC/a-g portal.

Method offers a summer school option with a comprehensive UC-approved course list to help students make up credits or work ahead for next year. Want to learn more? Simply click the button below.


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Jade Fernandez
Jade Fernandez
Jade was born and raised in San Diego, CA as one piece of a very large extended family, making her well suited to the world of education. She has several years of experience working in hybrid learning environments, and studied Literatures in English at UCSD before pursuing her teaching credential. After several years of teaching, Jade received her Masters degree in Teaching. She loves the challenge that teaching provides.

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