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At Method Schools, your student will not only have the flexibility of independent education, but they will also receive valuable insight from our counseling team who are up to date with researched-based, top outlets in education.  Our counselors provide exceptional support toward the preparation of; applications to Universities, FAFSA, guidance on scholarships, career decisions, campus tours, monthly workshops, monthly newsletter,  and building a portfolio to a higher student success rate past high school.   


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Resetting the Scoir in College AdmissionsScoir is a college admissions network that connects students, families, high schools, and colleges for a better admissions experience.
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You Science
You Science
The YouScience platform offers a complete solution. We use performance measures of aptitudes to uncover students’ natural talents, match them to careers, and give them personalized feedback on how their abilities can be utilized in school, work, and in their daily lives. We also help administrators understand how their students’ abilities align to certifications and pathways –
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Scholarships with Goingmerry
Scholarships with Goingmerry
We are a free scholarship search and application platform. Personalized matching. Thousands of scholarships and grants.
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College Career Counseling-Instagram
College Career Counseling-Instagram
Method Schools: Preparing high school students for college & career, using tools, tips, counseling, & providing the latest up-to-date
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The WEE program is an integrated educational process that: (1) helps students to choose a career path based on their interests and aptitudes; (2) prepares them for college and career success; and (3) allows students to learn to work with others in ways that are successful and rewarding. The WEE program connects inputs from teachers, counselors, students, parents, and employers to achieve the following purposes: The overarching goal is to build and sustain robust partnerships between employers, schools, and community colleges to better prepare students for the 21st-century workplace and improve student transition into postsecondary education, training, and employment." Career Readiness Initiative 2015 - Initiatives & Programs (CA Dept of Education)

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Entrepreneurship Leadership Program

The ELP Experience is either a year-long program, or you can take just one of the courses. 

Students study entrepreneurial leadership, strategy, and culture through the 5-Credit Entrepreneurial Course and 5-Credit Leadership Action and Vision Course.



Do you want to earn college credit while in high school? 


Dual or Concurrent enrollment provides opportunities for high school students to take college courses and earn college credit, which is an important way to expand educational opportunities, improve economic mobility, and meet California’s workforce needs. State leaders have recently increased support for dual enrollment, and the COVID-19 pandemic has fueled a surge in participation across the country.


Olga Rodriguez and Niu Gao, with research support from Bonnie Brooks and Gabriel Gutierrez-Aragon

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Exploratory and Work Experience Education

EWEE/WEE offers an opportunity to sustain and Strengthen partnerships with professional businesses and Academies that promote and increase career exploration. High school students will have opportunities to build on their vision, skills, education, and reach experience while obtaining goals. They have the opportunity to test their values and interests with Rigour, Critical Thinking, and Teamwork. Students will build skills, networking, and a bridge to jump-start their future careers.  


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Course Requirements
What is required for the EWEE
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Job Opportunities
List of opportunities to consider.
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Log Hours
GWEE Students Bi-Weekly Log-in hours
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Work Experience Education-Employer Intern
Greetings Community Partners, Thank you for thinking of Method School's students! Cooperative Work Experience Education is an essential component of the education and training that students receive at Method.
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Dual/Concurrent Enrollment for College Credit

Method Schools give students the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school, providing them with greater exposure to higher education.

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The Department of College Career Counseling provides a variety of workshops, informational activities, career and college opportunities. 

Counseling Blogs and Newsletters

A monthly newsletter and blog with the most up-to-date and relevant information for college or career preparation.