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Robotics, coding, repurposing...The Foundry is hands-on learning at Method Schools. Available to all students in Arcadia and Murrieta.


These are the simple directions we give to our students in The Foundry. 

foundry logo.pngWhat exactly is The Foundry?  All students who attend via the Synergy track spend an hour a day in The Foundry. Students who are caught up or ahead in their online schoolwork? They spend even more time there if they choose.

Hands-on learning is huge at Method. We all learn better through experience rather than simple lectures. Don't get us wrong - face-to-face instruction from awesomely talented teachers is important, and it happens at Method. But the application of key learning points is where the magic happens. And that's what the Foundry is. Our only directive: Create Something (oh...and don't lean back on your seat!).


Robotics is awesome! Our students get the opportunity to build and program robots in The Foundry, whether it's Lego Mindstorms®, Ozobots®, or Vex®. Learning robotics is a great skill for tomorrow's workplace, but it's also a proven way to reinforce core subject learning in mathematics, science, reading and language. Robotics was the starting point for The Foundry at Method Schools, and it remains a major part of what students work on while there. 



Coding is really the most in demand "foreign language" of the day. Our students can learn programming through our online classes with FuelEd, or through other means, such as Khan Academy, Code.org, or even through Method teachers. Learning to code is something everyone should do, regardless of age. Here's a slide deck from code.org that speaks to that.

Hands-on Learning

Some students like to take old items and repurpose them. What an awesome experience for kids, as they not only use logic to create something new from something that was destined for the junkyard. Some projects are tech-related, some are art, some are too unique to explain here. Hands-on learning is not only a great reward for students, but it's a proven method for improving academic achievement in other core subject areas. As our Method Schools students say: Create Something!