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Method Schools Nevada

We're applying to open in Nevada! If you're interested in enrolling your student or joining our team, just click below.

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When done right, online school works for students. Period.

Our online charter is staffed by online learning experts who have mastered technology and know how to use it to effectively lead students. In addition to small class sizes, each student is assigned a Student Success Manager to ensure they get the help they need. When done the right way, students in online courses get more personalized instruction than possible in a traditional classroom.

Who We Serve

We're a comprehensive online public school enrolling students in all grades. Since 2014, we've successfully served over 45,000 K-12 students.

Elementary TK-5
Elementary TK-5

Our elementary students get small class sizes, tons of filed trips, project based learning, and flexible online curriculum built just for them. Our K-5 teachers know each and every one of their students.

Middle School 6-8
Middle School 6-8

Middle school - not the forgotten years at Method! Our grades 6-8 students get small group instruction, competency-based learning (no more busy work), sports and more!

High School 9-12
High School 9-12

High school students at Method get tons of UC a-g and NCAA approved online courses to choose from. Plus, tons of teacher attention, college prep work, school visits, service learning, and more.

Average Class Size

20 or less

Graduation rate (2022)


Students Served


Method by the numbers

Our flexible online format lets you choose your child’s learning schedule. That means they learn in an environment that fits their needs, and you get more time to parent them during some of their most formative years.

What students and parents are saying about Method

We want students to deepen their education by engaging with activities they love. At Method Schools, you can choose from clubs, field trips, learning tiles, and tons of extracurriculars

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Long Beach, CA

"Method has been absolutely the perfect solution for us. When we realized our son's school was not going to go back in person for the majority of the year, we had to widen our ideas, and Method has been great. The curriculum has been easy to follow along, and the support has been wonderful. It has been an amazing experience!"


Glendora, CA

“The teachers, counselors and staff are amazing. They are extremely dedicated, and they provide the best education to my son. I am very thankful to all of them."


San Diego, CA

"Us students can be in our own comfort to learn and the teachers are SOOOOO nice and patient with us. They go the extra mile to help us. Plus side: you don't have to worry about BULLYING; this school is a Real Bully Free Zone."

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