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April 16, 2024

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Mark Holley

Would Your Student Benefit From A School Made Specifically For Student Athletes?

Since our inception in 2014, our dedication to providing top-notch school programs in Southern California has been unwavering. From our commitment to maintaining small class sizes and hiring exceptional teachers and student success managers to organizing enriching field trips, our goal has always been to offer our students the finest public school experience possible. As we celebrate a decade of success, our dedication to excellence remains steadfast.

In a groundbreaking move in 2023, we proudly introduced the Dehesa Method Sports Academy (DMSA) in collaboration with the Dehesa School District. DMSA stands out as a tuition-free "school within a school" tailored specifically for student athletes in the San Diego area. Students attend classes on-site in Dehesa (located just outside El Cajon) from Monday to Thursday, where they receive small group instruction in the classroom and personalized sport-specific training on the field or court. Fridays are designated as online school days, providing flexibility for students to honor team commitments and training sessions. At DMSA, students not only complete academic coursework under the guidance of certified Method-quality teachers but also receive specialized sports training from experienced trainers and motivators.

To encapsulate, DMSA offers:

  • A unique "micro school" catering to K-12 students with a passion for athletics
  • 100% tuition-free education
  • Full accreditation
  • Accessible to students residing in San Diego County

While our current capacity is nearly full for the current (ongoing) school year, we are excited to announce the availability of additional spots for the upcoming academic year. However, with high demand expected, now is the ideal time to secure a spot for your K-12 student who could benefit from the exceptional academic and athletic environment that DMSA provides.

If you have any queries or wish to learn more, don't hesitate to schedule a quick meeting or phone call with us using the link below.

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