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August 1, 2019

1 min

Dr. Jessica Spallino

20:1 Class Size and More Blue Track Enhancements for 2019-20

We’re continuously refining our program to better serve students of all backgrounds, abilities and interests. And as we enter our sixth school year, we're more equipped and committed than ever to support growth for each-and-every student. We have made many enhancements to better support online, independent study students and to build an overall community committed to growth.

Our program is built to provide highly individualized support for every type of learner at any level, and this year the Method academic and instructional team has made the following enhancements to our overall program aimed to better support all students:

  • Updated assessment tool for more efficient placement and identification of ongoing growth
  • Increased intervention options to provide support for students within every intervention tier
  • Reduced student to teacher ratio to 20 to 1
  • Augmented internal SPED services for deeper personalized support and progress monitoring
  • Mobile Teacher Squad and STEM events where we bring teachers and hands on learning experiences to the students
  • Ample opportunities for extended learning, field trips, service learning and special interest electives

We believe these refinements will have a tremendous impact on student achievement and growth and further strengthen the Method community. We look forward to another great year of meaningful collaboration with our students, families and overall community.

We're committed to further developing our ongoing collaboration and relationships with students and their families and schools and districts throughout Southern California. Please take a moment to read our recent blog on the roots of these relationships through independent study at the link below and we look forward to another great school year!


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