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July 20, 2021

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Christine Young

Advantages of an Online Special Education Program

Each Special Education Student is You-nique!

A majority of special education students benefit from a traditional school with daily in-person attendance; however, each special education student is unique and there is a percentage of pupils who do not thrive in this type of environment.

Some students may have health issues or face physical disabilities which makes daily traveling as well as frequent transitions to a brick-and-mortar school quite challenging, stressful, and may limit the potential for academic progress.

Other students may suffer from anxiety, depression, or other emotional and mental disabilities. The challenges of being forced to attend school in undesirable classroom environments can worsen these conditions and cause a loss of motivation for academic performance.

Putting the Student Firs

Children with special education needs or learning difficulties who are bullied typically experience negative physical, social, emotional, academic, or mental health issues. If the problems cannot be remedied it may be detrimental to continue exposing the victims to daily abuse, which may have harmful long-term consequences. Other students struggle with severe attention issues caused by excessive noise or distractions common to a traditional classroom setting.

For many of these types of students, the stress of daily school attendance can trigger maladaptive behaviors, exacerbate conditions, cause students to lose interest in learning, and contribute to eventual high school dropouts.

Parents are familiar with their children's emotional dispositions and may feel an online at-home school program would be a more suitable environment. Method Schools provides a viable option and benefits to the entire family. Some parents have commented on their children developing a greater interest in learning, demonstrating improved behaviors, and academically thriving in Method's online education program.

Potential benefits for this student population:

  • Students are less likely to become ill or suffer physical issues when working from home.
  • Students can take breaks as needed if feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or tired.
  • Students are less likely to have behavior meltdowns caused by in classroom issues as they will be working from the familiarity and safety of home.
  • Students tend to have less stress, anxiety, or depression by being able to work at home and work at their own pace.
  • Some caretakers are less stressed when not having to force a sick, depressed, or unwilling child into a car or bus every day.
  • Student discouragement is often reduced as an at-home student on the computer is less likely to feel ridiculed for mistakes and is usually not visually comparing themselves to others as in an onsite classroom setting.
  • For students with attention issues, it is often easier to concentrate at home in a quiet setting than a noisy classroom with multiple distractions and this promotes increased focus.
  • Most students require extended processing time and online lessons can be reviewed as needed.
  • Students are more likely to develop 21st century technology skills which are vital for the future competitive employment market.
  • Online learning is flexible and adaptable to each student.
  • Students are offered specialized academic instruction based on the IEP goals and scheduled times. The ratio varies depending upon needs but it typically ratios of 2-4 students with a teacher. These standards are typically much lower student-to-teacher ratios than the traditional classroom settings.

Learn More About Online Learning for Special Education Students

There are many reasons an online, at-home school program could make a monumental difference in a special education student's academic experience. Just as every student is unique, Method Schools' program is unique! We are remote learning experts, and we always put the student first.

Want to learn more about Method Schools? Schedule a call with an enrollment specialist or reach out to our special education department below for more information and to see if Method is the right fit for you and your student.

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