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Why Won’t our Public School Help my Child?

Have you had a child get behind in school and tried to get them help? And you were just shot down? Have you ever dealt with a bullying problem, and the school refused to help? Your child is not understanding the work, but they will not intervene until they are two years behind? Maybe, it is the two to three hours of homework each night while class time is spent dealing with behavior issues. Possibly they are teaching to the standardized test and not the curriculum and special projects. Perhaps, you have a special needs child and they are lost in the wind there. Maybe you are dealing with an insufficient teacher that the administration loves but not anyone else?   There seems to be a systemic problem in some schools, even at the district levels refusing to help our children. Why is that?

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Tips for Helping your Student or Child with Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities

  In our last blog post, we looked at what is Dyslexia. Now, having many decades dealing with this and getting through school, even college, graduate, and postgraduate school, as well as teaching students with learning disabilities, I picked up a few things that really work. 

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What is Dyslexia?


STEM Program

What to Look for in a STEM Program

Do you have a child or student that is bored at school or consistently fidgets or shows no interest in the subjects they are learning? Yet, they will play for hours making movies on their smartphone or playing computer games or quoting obscure facts. 

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10 Tips for Helping Kids with Special Needs or Social Anxiety Handle the Holiday Season

Most people love the holiday season, me, not so much. As a parent with a special needs child, I dread the holidays. From family members who just critique and criticize and refuse to understand, to the sounds and lights that will set my son off. Thus, each family event is like tiptoeing around a minefield afraid of the explosions. Such events for kids, even those with ADHD, Autism, or Self-Control issues are supposed to be fun and looked forward to. Yet, some kids, perhaps one in fifty, will have problems. And it does not always have to do with special needs. So, what can we do to make things go a bit easier?


Tips For Helping Your Child With ADHD

First off, although officially categorized as a “disability,” having ADD or ADHD or other learning disability, is not a time to panic and think doom and gloom. In fact, in my opinion, who has ADHD and Dyslexia and a Ph.D., this is not a disability at all; rather, an opportunity. Our minds just work differently.

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12 Tips for Helping Your Child Succeed in a Homeschool

As a parent, you have embarked on perhaps your most important role ever, nurturing your child to become a great adult. With a goal that they have character, are an impact on society. You also what them to be happy and make you feel proud. Yet, there are so many obstacles we face to derail this. Such as an irrelevant immoral society, feelings of hopelessness in the teen years, schools who do not care or help and pressures from the family who do not understand. 

Project Based Learning

A Hands on Experience with Project Based Learning

Project based learning is fast becoming the most sought after type of program for students to participate in. As a parent, it is important to me that my daughter is engaged and actively learning each day. By using hands on experiences and projects to teach, my daughter is able to get excited about a project because she has either chosen something that she has an interest in or because she can actually decide what the topic or theme of the project will be.

Charter Schools

Choosing the Right School Isn't Easy

Choosing the right educational path for our children is not easy. Traditionally, any child who is old enough to attend school is automatically set to attend a regular public school.