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October 5, 2016

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Mark Holley

Five Obvious Benefits Of Online High School

As your child enters their high school years, you may begin to question which option will best meet their educational needs. With public schools, private schools, charter schools, and online charter schools available, there are resources available to meet the learning needs of a wide variety of students. For many students, online high school is the perfect option to meet their unique needs, and acts as a great alternative to traditional public school. Online high schools provide an array of benefits to students by creating a more flexible learning environment that fits into their lifestyle. If you are considering enrolling your child in online high school but are unsure if this is the right choice to make, here is an overview of just a few of the many benefits that online high schools provide.

1. Students Create Their Own Schedule

One of the greatest problems with traditional high school is that it forces students into a work schedule that may not work best for them. While some teenagers may be fine waking up early and being done by mid-afternoon, others may not be able to focus so early in the morning. Online high school allows students to create a schedule that will allow them to study at times that are the most natural to them. Furthermore, the ability to create their own schedule allows students to better fit their extracurricular activities, social events, and part-time jobs around their school schedule.

2. Students Learn at Their Own Pace

Another problem with the one-size-fits-all bubble traditional high schools force students into is that it comes with the assumption that all students learn at the same pace; however, this is simply not the case. While some students may feel comfortable with the learning pace set by public high schools, others may find this pace to be either to slow and not challenging enough, while many students may find that this pace is too fast and that they are continually finding themselves left behind. In online programs, students get to create their own pace when working on their course work. This can allow them to work faster on topics/subjects they are more comfortable with, while allowing them to take their time on subjects they find more difficult. This then creates the perfect, individualized learning environment for each student.

3. No Traditional “School Year”

A traditional school year goes from late august to the first week of June, with pre-determined breaks, holidays, and campus closures during this time. However, this schedule may not meet the needs of every family, and may actually interrupt the learning process of certain students. Many online high schools run all year, allowing students to take breaks at times that are either more natural for them, or at times that meets their family, or religious, needs.

4. Better Learning Environment

Many students actually find that they prefer the online learning environment to that of a traditional high school. While certain students may thrive under the social, communal environment of the traditional school setting, other students may find themselves distracted by their classmates. Furthermore, some students with social anxieties, or who have been subject to bullying, may find their home to be a more comfortable, nurturing learning environment.

5. Preparation For College

Students enrolled in online courses in high school are better prepared for the individual, results-based environment that will be waiting for them in college. Colleges and universities are increasingly using virtual learning to expand course options for students, because it's cost-effective and convenient, and, in many cases, matches how students actually learn.

While there is no doubt that the traditional school setting is a great experience for many teenagers, this single form of education does not meet the needs of every student. Compared to the rigid structure of traditional high school, many students find the freedom, flexibility, and individualization of online high school to be a liberating and motivating experience. However, just as traditional high school is not perfect for every student, neither will online high school work for everyone. When deciding whether or not to enroll your student in online high school, you will need to weigh the benefits of each option, and consider your child’s unique learning needs.

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