Project Based Learning is a well-established teaching method currently used in all types of classrooms today. It challenges the traditional notion of students sitting in their seat ach day receiving information from their teacher, the deliverer of critical information. Instead it allows for students to collaborate in discovering and receiving information on their own.

In theory, project based learning provides students with a learning modality where students gain knowledge and skills by addressing a complex question or problem through investigation, research, and application. In practice, project based learning is student driven and inquiry based and allows for students to uncover the meaning of learning through their own discovery and mastery.

At Method Schools, we maintain a continuous path of exploration and enhancing students’ project based learning experiences through consistent exploration and development. As highlighted in the graphic, we have outlined some critical elements to our implementation of project based learning:

  • Daily
  • Data Focused
  • Consistent
  • Collaborative
  • Real World
  • Personal
  • Organized


This blog was originally posted by on January 22, 2017.