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April 16, 2015

1 min

Dr. Jessica Spallino

Innovation and Charter Schools: Beyond the Buzzword

Innovation is a highly used word these days with the many technological advances and along with those, 21st century skills. Innovation is known as a new idea, more effective device or process, or as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, inarticulated needs, or existing market needs. Innovation is seen in almost all industries and many claim to be leaders in innovation. Many charter schools have broken down some traditional barriers to true achieve innovation, but many continue to simply mimic others or offer online courses and claim to be innovative.

At Method, we view innovation as more than just a trendy term that may mean offering a new tablet or online course to students. We see it as an avenue towards creating unseen solutions for students in a way they haven’t seen before. We are on a focused mission to establish a model and culture that not only suggests innovation, but requires it from the entire school community.

Charter Schools face less obstacles in implementing new ways of educating students and because of this we believe it is a responsibility of charter schools to consistently challenge the traditional approach to educating students and allow our classrooms to be training grounds for true innovation to take place. The growing number of charter schools in Southern California today reflects the demand for new and innovative ways of educating students. Through our unique (or do we dare say, innovative?) blend of project based learning, online learning, and Focused Direct Instruction (FDI), we plan on being at the forefront of this movement.

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