Now more than ever, schools face the challenge of addressing and supporting student’s social and emotional development along with English, Math, Social Studies, and Science. A focus on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) supports the role of positive social and emotional development in the learning process. Happy and health youth make excellent students.

Method Schools addresses this challenge by building classroom communities and connection through the homeroom teacher and fellow homeroom peers. The year-long curriculum aims to build these important social and emotional skills in all its students:

  • To set and achieve positive goals
  • Feel and show empathy for others
  • Establish positive relationships
  • Make responsible decisions
  • Understand and manage emotions

Method builds Social and Emotional Learning intentionally through its Homeroom classes. In Homeroom class sessions, Method students participate in live and collaborative learning that addresses these social emotional skills – skills that will serve them well in the classroom and larger community as well as moving into adulthood in college and careers.

Meant to be fun and build a sense of community, Homeroom is a chance for students even in an online learning world to interact with other students in a structured classroom, engage in thoughtful discussion, and build positive connections with their peers and teacher. Embedded within homeroom are opportunities for students to participate in healthy competition (both individual and in groups), earn pride points, as well as collaborate and support their fellow classmates. Topics include:



Example Lessons

Building Character

·         Building Classroom Culture and Norms

·         Understanding Heritage

·         Perseverance: Escape Room

·         Friendsgiving and Class Social

·         Kindness-Grams

·         Nature Mandala


·         Digital Citizenship: Cyberbullying

·         Hispanic Heritage

·         Indigenous History

·         Pride: Be true and be you

·         Black History

·         Earth Day

Study Skills

·         Creating a Schedule

·         Pacing and planning

·         Notetaking

·         Learning Styles

·         Fresh Start + Mindfulness

·         Fight Procrastination!

Growth Mindset and Goal Setting

·         The Power of “Yet”

·         Preparing for the iReady

·         After iReady – Data Chats and Setting up iReady Goals

·         Things I Should Say More Often


To build every student to their maximum potential, learning content and social and emotional skills go hand-in-hand. Method commits to making SEL a part of every child’s experience at Method.


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