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November 7, 2023

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Rachel DeSena

Learning Coach? What's That?

You may have heard the term Learning Coach used here at Method Schools by an enrollment specialist, a homeroom teacher,  an SSM,or even a student! The role of a learning coach at an online charter school is crucial for a student's success. A learning coach is an adult who is physically present with the student to supervise and monitor their progress throughout the school day and year. While most frequently the learning coach is a parent, it can also be another family member or designated adult responsible for the student's day-to-day learning supervision.

The primary duties of a learning coach include:

  • reading emails
  • answering communications within 24 hours
  • completing paperwork and surveys
  • keeping the student's information up to date
  • monitoring assignment completion and grades
  • ensuring attendance in required live classes
  • reaching out to teachers and staff members with questions or for additional support.

Having a learning coach benefits the student in many ways. The learning coach assists and instructs the student, ensuring they are ready to begin class and monitoring their punctuality and participation. For younger students, the learning coach takes on the reading role and watches them learn to read independently, while older students take responsibility for their own reading and rely on their coach for direction in lessons. Learning coaches also help manage daily and weekly class schedules, ensure class attendance, track student progress, and ensure completion and submission of coursework and projects. They communicate regularly with teachers and staff and work alongside their child every day.

At Method Schools, learning coaches play a crucial role in their scholars' personalized learning journeys. They have the flexibility to assist their students with curriculum, create a compelling learning environment, and provide personalized instruction according to their scholar's learning plan. Method offers support to Learning Coaches through our PSMs or (Parent Support Specialists) to help learning coaches develop the skills and knowledge they need to be effective educators. PSMs are available to be a support to learning coaches in a variety of ways. They offer monthly meetings and support groups as well as individual meetings. 

In summary, the role of a learning coach at an online charter school is to provide support and guidance to students in their day-to-day learning. Learning coaches assist with assignments, monitor progress, ensure attendance, and communicate with teachers and staff. They play a crucial role in a student's success and benefit them by providing instruction, support, and personalized learning experiences. If you feel you need some guidance in this role, we are here to help! 

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