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July 11, 2017

4 min

Method Schools Team

Major Advantages for Going with an Online Home School

Choosing a schooling system that works for your child can be a tricky affair, especially given all the complications of modern living. For example, maybe you move around a lot, or you have some other detail of your situation that makes putting a child into a local public school completely unfeasible, like a disability of some kind. In this situation, you might ask yourself how you can find the time to homeschool since it really might be the best approach for all parties. Fortunately, thanks to modern technology, you might be able to both keep your child at home and let them go to a tuition-free charter school through the power of online home schools. Here are some of the advantages of such an approach.

Customized Curriculums

One benefit to going with a home charter school online is that you get more of a specialized curriculum than one that’s generic for all people such as what happens in a public school. Many online home school programs will also have stronger offerings in particular subjects so you can pick and choose what works for your student the best, depending on his various skills and interests.

You also often get the ability to have your child get accommodation for different learning styles. In public school, there tends to be a focus on the most common learning styles with a focus on those who learn visually as well as those who learn in an auditory way. But there are other styles, such as learning through writing or doing, which is called a kinesthetic approach. Because of the media involved, it’s often possible to mix styles and customize so that the students who need a particular style of learning can get access to it.


Many online home schooling situations from charter schools will allow you to choose the hours that work for you the best. Depending on the program, these tend to be fairly flexible, and some may even allow your student to vary hours week to week if the particular program is focused on message boards rather than live sessions.

You probably have a hectic schedule, after all, and you can’t always anticipate what it’s going to look like ahead of time, especially if you have extenuating circumstances. Online home schooling through charter schools can be the perfect solution for this reason.

California Specific Options

For some charter schools in areas like California, you can also get support in-person, if this is something that you think is important. After all, it can be important to be face to face sometimes or students might think computers and the Internet are all there is. Some schools may offer in-person tutoring at locations near where you live with certified teachers. It may even be possible to do things such as go on field trips once in a while or do projects with other students in-person.

That way, you get the best of both worlds. You can get the convenience and flexibility of home schooling through the Internet, but still allow for your student to socialize with other children of the same age in a school setting if you feel that’s important. It’s important to make sure that such schools have accreditation of course, but there are many that do.

No-Tuition Schools

There are charter schools out there that are tuition-free and allow you to send your student to a school based on your choice even through the Internet without costing you any extra money. You’ll have to check with the school and with your particular situation of course, but this is often completely possible. If a general public school doesn’t work for you for whatever reason, you shouldn’t feel cornered. The possibilities for alternate approaches are out there.

Other Extras

Some schools will even provide equipment for connecting to the Internet and to their site properly so that you can allow your child to do this even if you don’t already have the right equipment. This is often free and just a part of using your option to make use of a charter school.

Another major benefit is that your child will have round the clock access to materials directly related to the classroom. Therefore, they will be able to learn on their own schedule based directly on whatever their learning. This is a more natural way of learning than having to learn when it is “learning time” only. As a result, you could see happier children at the same time that they have an increased ability to learn more often and more effectively.

Benefits for Timid Students

Many students mention that when they do their learning through the Internet, there’s an increased sense that they are on more of an even playing field with students who are more naturally bold in person and more unafraid to ask questions. It makes it easier for individuals to be heard in the classroom since they only need to type instead of trying to test their physical voice and in-person nerve every time.

By the same token, it’s also more possible to get access to instructors. In a general public school setting, the time of instructors and access to them is often highly limited. Plus, you might not always be able to bring a student in for the teacher’s hours for extra sessions.

All this is to say that online homeschooling options have their advantages and are definitely worth looking into generally.


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