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February 10, 2020

1 min

Jade Fernandez

Method Schools Announces their UC a-g and NCAA Course Approval!

Method Schools is pleased to announce its course catalog remains UC and NCAA approved. Course lists are viewable on the UC a-g and NCAA (enter High School Code: 850455 to view) portals.

A huge deciding factor that parents take into account when choosing Method is our comprehensive UC a-g and NCAA-approved high school course catalog, and Method is proud to stand out as an online school that offers rigorous coursework that sets students up for success beyond high school.

UC and NCAA approval means that courses have gone through a careful vetting process by the University of California and National Collegiate Athletic Association and satisfy their standards as a college prep course. A Method student can feel assured that their coursework is meeting the requirements to be college bound and know that their work in their Smartfox classes are preparing them for higher education.

For us as a school, Method commits much time and energy to being certain each course offered in Smartfox is relevant, current, and meets the state of California’s academic standards. As we’ve used Smartfox over the years, the courses themselves have improved tremendously from their initial inception – adding additional usability features, creating new content and assignments, redesigning lessons to meet a wide spectrum of student learning needs. Our curriculum designers and teachers often find ways to add to the coursework to make the learning more robust and accessible to all, and courses are constantly in a state of development and improvement. This commitment only demonstrates Method’s dedication to having a stellar academic program – one that proudly stands out by putting learning first.

2020-21 Course List

5 Differences Between Charter and Public Schools

7 Differences Between Charter and Private Schools

Education 101: What is a Public Charter School?

The Progressive Movement: An Enduring Inspiration in Public Education

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