We just had an amazing science fair down at Method Schools. It was really fun elementary and middle school kids worked really hard on the their projects. Mine was about  how the moon affects the tides my dad helped me with the research and decorating my board it was fun learning about the moon and the tides.

The challenging part of the science fair was choosing a topic. Another thing that was difficult was finding all the research for my board. The night before I was nervous about how might not get my science fair project done but after a while of work me and my dad finished the project I was so tired but excited that my project was done. Me and my dad went over what I was going to say to the teachers, I explained my research and answered my teacher's questions. It was fun talking to kids and them telling me about their experiment and what they were trying to prove and read their data it was intresting to see what every one came up with.

I may have lost but it was fun working on the project and I hope I can do another project like that one again soon.