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April 17, 2015

2 min

Dr. Jessica Spallino

Reinforcement of Concepts Through Engaging Application

Traditional approaches are challenged more than ever as school choice increases and educational theories are diversified. From online learning to flexible scheduling, students today are reaping the benefits of increasingly creative options for schooling. Continued research, technological advances, and overcrowding of traditional public schools are generating unique models that rival anything I experienced as a K-12 grade student. I can remember endless hours of sitting at my desk and listening to a variety of teachers lecture material for the course. This singular modality would only be interrupted with an occasional test that would assess how well I retained the content they delivered to me. As I entered community college, I soon realized that I retained very little content from this singular approach.

With the rise of project based learning under the age-old theory of experiential learning, research is repeatedly showing that students retain information far more effectively when students are able to apply a concept they have been exposed to rather than just listening to one. At Method, we aim to provide short and targeted projects that provide students the opportunity to apply the concept, rather than just hear about it. Not only do students engage on a deeper level through this modality, but they also better retain the information and are more able to apply it to future situations in their practical lives. The application of concepts also allow for further critical thinking and enhanced problem solving. We believe that the combination of delivered content along with ample opportunities to apply that content to real life scenarios makes for students better prepared for college, careers and beyond.

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