Small Classes in Action at Method Schools

In a June 2015 blog post I outlined how Method lowers class sizes. Experience and research show that students learn better in small classes. Small class sizes are a hallmark of the Method Schools model, and we've seen incredible results from our students benefitting from extra attention and a small learning environment where they feel safe to ask questions and be themselves. 

We call our small classes Focused Direct Instruction (FDI), and they're one-third of our station rotation education model. Here are a couple of videos of FDI in action at Method...check them out!

Here's a quick look at a Language Arts FDI session:


And here's a a quick check-in with a Math FDI session:


Small class sizes powered by continual data analysis help Method teachers deliver the optimal small class experience for our students. Ready to learn more? Click the button below!


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Mark Holley
Mark Holley
Mark is the co-founder of Method Schools and SmartFox and has been working in the marketing and finance areas of K-12 education for two decades. He holds a B.S. in Business from Utah Valley University and an MBA from Brigham Young University. In his spare time he’s usually on his mountain bike.

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