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July 27, 2023

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Jade Fernandez

9 Compelling Reasons To Enroll Your Child at Method Schools For 2023-24

Parents are the greatest influencers in the lives of their children, responsible for laying the foundation that paves the way for their children's future. Considering how important education is, parents should be careful in choosing the kind of schooling their children will receive. Gone are the days where a student enrolled at the school most geographically aligned to their home address. Parents, and their students, have choices now. School choice is here to stay, and that means more options for a tuition-free personalized learning experience for each and every student.

Method Schools is an exceptional option (if I do say so myself) that embodies innovation, progress, and multidimensional learning. In this blog post, we’ll share the top 9 reasons why enrolling your child at Method schools will be a wise decision.

1. Holistic Approach to Learning

Method offers a complete approach to education. These holistic schools focus on developing your child's intellectual abilities, creativity, emotional intelligence, and physical health. Students learn through real-life experiences with hands-on activities, clubs, field trips, and curriculum that emphasizes learning how to face problems creatively instead of just rote memorization. Optional offline and in person socialization opportunities is a big part of this - more on that in a minute.

2. Customized Curriculum

Method provides an individualized curriculum for each student, tailoring teaching style, pace, and focus to fit the needs, talents, and interests of every child. This proactive approach enables children to explore areas of curiosity, study concepts deeply and pursue their passions more easily. This customized approach to education also builds children’s strengths and corrects their weaknesses. In addition to our own custom-made SmartFox curriculum, parents can select other content and supporting materials to bolster their student's learning experience.

3. Values Based Learning

Values and ethics should go hand in hand with intellectual growth. Method Schools impart strong values education, supporting the healthy development of well-rounded personalities. Character education is a core aspect of a method education, focusing on leadership, citizenship, social justice, and global awareness, all helping to produce responsible and prepared global citizens that see more than just their own needs.

4. Highly Qualified Teachers

At Method, we hire experienced, driven educators who are passionate about teaching and provide an inspiring outlook for your children. The teaching staff incorporates modern methodologies and strategies to prepare children to be enthusiastic about education by their high impactful and innovative instruction methods. We search high and low to find the very best teachers in California. Common traits of Method teachers include flexibility, patience, awareness, selflessness, and a focus on always putting students first. Want to check out a Method class in action? Chat with us and we'll make it happen!

5. Small Class Sizes

The more attention and direct support students receive from their teacher the more likely their success. Method Schools strives to maintain low class sizes so that teachers can give more individualized attention and personalization to each student. In fact, while the statewide average in California is 25 students per class - and in many cases much higher - our average class size in 2022-23 was 18. How do we do this? First, we have low overhead. We don't have layer after layer of administrative positions. Additionally, we save money by building and updating our own high-end, personalized curriculum. It's powerful, it's personal, but it's more much affordable than paying a vendor. We pass on the savings to our students in the form of lower class sizes and more instructional support (see Student Success Managers below), and to our teachers in the form of competitive salaries and excellent benefits.

6. Student Success Managers

Method Schools takes a team approach especially when students need extra support. Method Schools provides that extra layer of support through Student Success Managers who work and collaborate with teachers, parents, and students to ensure struggling students are getting the extra layers of accountability, follow through, and support they need to be successful. SSMs are a secret weapon in our quest to ensure continued academic growth and student/parent satisfaction.

7. Effective Use of Modern Technology

Method schools employ modern technology tools and strategies to enhance student engagement and produce better learning outcomes. These tools may include virtual and augmented reality simulations, smart classrooms, digital whiteboards, and more. The incorporation of these technologies enables children to engage with the world differently and provides a deeper understanding and a more immersive learning experience. Plus, all students at Method have access to free laptops for school use.

8. Countless Offline/In Person Activities

We want students to deepen their education by engaging with activities they love. At Method, students can choose from clubs, field trips, learning tiles, and tons of extracurriculars. Robotics, community service excursions, comics club - you name it, Method has it. And each year, we develop and launch new concepts and activities. Usually, based on feedback from our customers.

9. Sports

In addition to sport-specific training available, we field mountain biking, basketball, cross country, volleyball, flag football teams…just to name a few. At Method, your student can compete against teams throughout Southern California. And we’re adding new sports all the time. And don't forget to check out Dehesa Method Sports Academy (DMSA), a unique and awesome partnership that allows our San Diego student athletes to attend school on-site, with a focus on academics and athletics training.

Conclusion: Choice Means Critical Decisions

Choosing the right school for your child is a critical decision that your child will thank you for someday. Method Schools offer an exceptional education that enables children to develop an appetite for learning, innovation, creative thinking and problem solving. By selecting Method, you are giving your child the opportunity to discover and express his or her full potential, while building a strong foundation in character education and providing a creative and curious environment that enriches student learning. Overall, enrolling your child in a method school is an investment in his or her future.

If you're unsure is Method is a good fit for your student, just chat with us or set up a meeting with an enrollment specialist. Even if you don't select Method for your student, we can help you research and find an option that puts your student in the best position to be successful and happy in their school experience.

Set up a meeting with a method enrollment specialist

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