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January 26, 2022

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Method Schools Team

Method Schools Launches The Edhype K-12 Educator Forum

School counselors in Southern California now have a new tool in the toolbox when helping their students navigate online summer school through Method Schools. The Edhype forum - built as a message board and online community for K-12 educators - has gone live. Edhype is a project developed by Method, which also developed and owns the SmartFox K-12 product, consisting of UC a-g and NCAA approved online courses, housed on a mobile-friendly LMS/SIS platform.

"Our goal for the Edhype forum is to not only provide a place to have two-way community conversations about Method and SmartFox, but to build a community for K-12 online learning where educators can crowdsource answers to the questions they have," said Mark Holley, co-founder of Edhype, Method, and SmartFox.

In addition to the forum, Edhype is also a K-12 and online education-centric blog featuring articles, studies, and resources that provide educators and school administrators with free access to the resources that help them develop and deploy new learning models in a changing K-12 learning landscape.


edhype form

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Method Schools Launches The Edhype K-12 Educator Forum

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