bluebarMethod Elementary (K-5)

Small class sizes, fun projects, teachers who know each student 

Method Schools features an exciting K-5 program that students love! Due to the popularity of our K-5 program, the following tracks are available for 2014-15:
  • Grades K-2: virtual home school only (iFlex)
  • Grades 3-5: iRotate (4 day and 1 day) and iFlex
  • Grades 6-12: all tracks are open for enrollment, including iRotate and iFlex

 Method’s K-5 program is designed to introduce students to real-world learning. Impersonal busy work done in large classrooms doesn’t work. We’re excited to offer adaptive learning and original thinking to our K-5 students. Students in the Method K-5 program can choose between iRotate (3 Day on-site), and iFlex (fully supported virtual). Method Schools elementary (grades K-5) program features a rotational model, content-driven projects, and curriculum from K12. Required materials that are needed for when students are home are shipped to your door- at no cost. As with all other Method tracks, Method K-5 is 100% tuition-free.

Speaking of K12 brand curriculum…it’s great. It adapts to individual study needs at various levels and provides a rigorous platform for students to learn and prepare for college. We’ve taken things a step farther and integrated all of this powerful curriculum with engaging and relevant projects. The result? An exciting, rigorous, never boring experience that we feel is unique.


Method K-5 students who wish to attend on the iRotate track should live close enough to a Method center to be able to attend three times per week. For Fall 2015 there will be centers in Arcadia and Murrieta, with an additional home school support center in El Cajon. Students who wish to attend via the iFlex track can live anywhere in Southern California.

Note: Method K-5 students who are in the iRotate track are at the center at different times than high school students.


K-5 Core Courses

  • English & Language Arts

    Language Arts Blue (K)

    Language Arts Green (1)

    Language Arts Orange (2)

    Language Arts Purple (3)

    Language Arts 4

    Language Arts 5

    MARK12 Reading I 

    MARK12 Reading II 

    MARK12 Reading III

  • Math

    Math Plus Blue (K) 

    Math Plus Green (1)

    Math Plus Orange (2)

    Math Plus Purple (3)

    Math Plus Red (4)

    Math Plus Yellow (5)

    Intermediate Mathematics A

  • Science

    Science K

    Science 1

    Science 2

    Science 3

    Science 4

    Science 5

  • History & Social Sciences

    History K

    History 1

    History 2

    History 3

    History 4

    American History A

    American History B

  • Projects

    We’re busy adding exciting projects, built by California Project Based Learning (PBL) pros. Method students can also propose many of their own projects. Project Based Learning should work, and not be a frustrating time for students and parents. In fact, the number one complaint we hear about PBL is that parents feel obligated to help their students complete busy work projects from home. That doesn’t work, and we’re doing things differently.

    To start, students will enter Method working on a project that has been designed just for them. After the first 2-4 weeks, relevant projects will be integrated into online and offline curriculum. These projects are student-driven and not busy work.