Method Schools Murrieta

Project Based Combined With Flexible Schedules: Right Here in Murrieta!


Method Schools Murrieta is custom made just for Method students, with a particular focus on our on-site iRotate track, featuring a station rotation model and collaborative, student-driven projects. iFlex students can also use the Murrieta labs, join in on projects, and meet with highly-qualified teachers as often as they’d like.

Method is a public charter school featuring project-based learning combined with the flexibility of an independent study or blended learning program. Students benefit from very small learning group size in our Focused Direct Instruction classes. Our biggest center is located right here in Murrieta.

Our Murrieta center is now accepting enrollmens for 2015-16. To begin an enrollment, simply click here. Or, to request more information, fill out the quick form to the right. 


Our Murrieta center features: 




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