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4 Online Learning Student Success Stories

At Method Schools, we see students learn and grow in an online learning community every day. However, most parents don’t have a chance to see how impactful the move to online learning can be before your child jumps into distance learning. That’s why we’ve put together a few recent stories of students who have benefited from the move to our online K-12 school. Here are four student success stories to show you how online learning can help students reach their goals.

student athlete

The Value of Sportsmanship in K-12 Academics

Among all the excitement of K-12 athletics, sportsmanship often fades into the background. Despite being undervalued, sportsmanship plays a critical role in K-12 academics, a student athlete’s development, and even a student’s future success.

A Day in the Life of a Student Athlete

Every student athlete has their own story, but one thing is consistent across the board: Student athletes have a swath of responsibilities to juggle. If you’re eyeing online learning, it’s worth taking a minute to see what’s in store for student athletes in modern high schools.

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How Online High School Classes Can Help Student Athletes Succeed

When it comes to learning, student athletes can’t afford to settle for the status quo. If they want to drive better results in the classroom and on the field, it takes extra commitment. It also requires a more advanced learning environment.

Why Student Athletes Choose Online School

Face it: When it comes to education, student athletes have unique needs. And if your child is a student athlete, you’re under added stress to find a learning environment that helps them excel. Now, as student athletes experience the benefits of online learning, they’re racing into online schools. Wondering why? In this article, we discuss why student athletes are turning to online school and how to pick the right school for your student athlete.