Modeling Support During This Unprecedented Time

During these unprecedented times, the entire field of education is making modifications to the way they deliver content and instruction. Though there are some of us who have always delivered the bulk of our educational programs virtually or through a distance modality, we have still had to alter...

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Introducing The SmartFox Professional Development Course Library

Facilitating ongoing professional development within any organization can be a demanding task. For a growing organization, continuous onboarding and training is critical to meet staff members’ wherever they are in their professional careers.

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Recognizing Jade Fernandez, Our Head of Schools, as a True Leader

Leadership is a complex endeavor that demands continuous personal and professional growth. Some work diligently at it, while others may possess some intrinsic qualities that can make it a less arduous undertaking.

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Independent Study is Built For Independent Thinkers

With the several hits legitimate charter schools have recently taken due to unethical players and an increased competition for student enrollments, school choice has been negatively impacted. Though there has been an impact, there is still an ongoing need for school choice due to a diverse...

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Preparing Students for Success on the CAASPP

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Four Smart Solutions to Ensure Success in an Independent Study Program

Independent study in K-12 schools can be a challenging and isolating experience if not delivered with ample support and accountability. Throughout my years working within independent study, the need for personalized tools and instruction is as critical as ever. Expecting students, parents and...

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Employees Need The Time And Freedom to Create and Innovate

Autonomous Project Time at Method Schools
Any position within any organization includes the demands of time
management. Depending on the organization, employees likely have a
variety of tasks they are required to juggle and may have very little time to
do anything but task-oriented...
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Building Culture in a Virtual Work Environment

The word culture comes from the Latin term, cultus, which means care. Culture or “care” can easily make or break any organization and can be the glue that keeps strong teams working together constructively. New York Times bestselling author, Daniel Coyle, studied a variety of the world’s most...

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Why We Need School Choice

Your child’s education is likely one of your top priorities as a parent. But unfortunately, the amount of control you have over your child’s education can largely depend on where you live. Traditionally, where you send your child to school is dictated by schools assigned to you based on the...

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Return on Investment: Method CAASAP Test Scores Way Up

The results are in, and for 2018-19, Method's standardized California CAASAP Math and Language Arts scores continued climbing. Lower online class size, more personalized help, extended chat hours, and better curriculum...some of the features all students get at Method. Which leads to scores that...

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We're on a mission to develop tools and educational practices that promote growth for every stakeholder. Through the continuous advancement of self-created systems and processes, Method Schools aims to cultivate a culture of growth throughout every facet of the organization.

Dr. Jessica Spallino
Founder and CEO

We have experienced a few Charters and none have come close to what method has been able to provide us. We look for a community and support for my Charter and Method his provided that for us on a weekly in some weeks even daily basis. They have amazing field trips, amazing staff and are very kind and relatable. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for extra support or even just a good sense of community while homeschooling. My son has been so proud to tell people about his Charter this year. Here is to many more years making friends and memories.


Darleen R.
Method Parent
We're proud to have built a financially sound, 100% ethical,  innovative organization that focuses on academic achievement, constant reinvention, and perpetual growth. Every student has a story. And serving every individual student is our story. 
Method Team

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