What Does Virtual School Look Like?

This article was originally published in December 2018 and has been updated for clarity and accuracy.

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Eight Different Learning Styles That Can Benefit From Homeschooling

Homeschooling can come with many advantages for families and communities, and there are also specific types of child learners that might do best in the home school environment. Not all children learn at the same pace or in the same way, and it can be hard to get everyone up to speed in a...

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Pop Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Charter School Funding?

Although charter schools have risen in popularity with parents and national education leaders for the last twenty years, some common misconceptions in the general public persist. From curriculum to tuition to funding, many parents who are seeking a viable alternative for their child's education...

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Seven Educational Benefits Charter Schools Strive to Offer Students

Choosing the right school environment for your child needs to be a well-thought out process, beginning with the needs of your child. The great thing about charter schools is you have the ability to find a school with goals that line up directly with your child’s educational needs. Sometimes the...

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5 Concerns Home Schooling Parents Face

Parents have many reasons for choosing an online home school program.  Whether it be removing their child from negative peer pressure or looking for new ways to support special learning needs, home schooling is a quickly growing education alternative.  However, just like all school options,...

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Online Homeschooling: Creating the Pefect Learning Environment

Homeschooling is a valuable learning experience, both for children as well as parents.  There is a variety of unique reasons to homeschool your children.  For some parents, homeschooling is a way to protect their children from dangerous outside influences.  Other families find that their...

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Back to School: 6 Ways to Help Your Online Home Schooler Succeed

A fresh school year allows families to enjoy a brand new host of opportunities and memories.  August is a bittersweet time of year.  Although everyone misses summer vacation and the happy memories that filled it, a new school year can be just as exciting for you and your family. Regardless of...

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Major Advantages for Going with an Online Home School

Choosing a schooling system that works for your child can be a tricky affair, especially given all the complications of modern living. For example, maybe you move around a lot, or you have some other detail of your situation that makes putting a child into a local public school completely...

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Where Charter School Funding Comes From

Charter schools have been an alternative to mass public education since the 1980s and have expanded impressively in both popularity and enrollment since then. For nearly forty years, parents have been choosing smaller classrooms and more subject-focused learning because they agree that this is...

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Project-Based Learning Activities for Summer Break

Summer vacation is here; most kids are ecstatic and can't wait for their long-awaited vacation from classes.  Unfortunately, many families struggle with plans and ideas of how to keep their kids entertained and busy during summer break.  More importantly, how do we keep their brains and...

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Dr. Jessica Spallino
Founder and CEO

We have experienced a few Charters and none have come close to what method has been able to provide us. We look for a community and support for my Charter and Method his provided that for us on a weekly in some weeks even daily basis. They have amazing field trips, amazing staff and are very kind and relatable. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for extra support or even just a good sense of community while homeschooling. My son has been so proud to tell people about his Charter this year. Here is to many more years making friends and memories.


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