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Online Curriculum

Identifying Academic Barriers to Learning

As a parent, it’s hard to identify the difference between healthy rigor in learning and when your child is feeling defeated at school. 

back to school

5 Tips for Learning During the Holiday Break

Brain drain during the holiday break... We all know it, and we've been there. Taking a break from a school routine can cause a vacation fog. Repetition works and habits are like repetition, but what happens when your child is on a long break? After a significant amount of time not in a routine, a child will struggle to get back in the saddle. Vacation fog kicks in and kids are happy they aren't in school, they're having fun, and throwing snowballs. When it's time to go back, reality hits and so do the books. I imagine the hamster wheel cranking in slow motion moving forward. What makes it worse is the realization that after semester one, the breaks are few and far between. Eventually, the wheel cranks to full speed, but in the meantime, kids struggle to regain the momentum they once had before the break.

teacher support

Connecting Student and Teacher to Greater Heights

Connecting Student and Teacher to Greater Heights What makes a student successful in education? What makes a teacher successful in building a connection with a student? There are a lot of factors contributing to this, but communication is key.