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June 1, 2018

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Amy Pinter

Looking Beyond the Cookie Cutter School System...

Like so many parents we followed the masses of parents down the path of conventional education that has not changed in over a 100 years. Enroll and entrust our children to mass-produced systematic academic program. Unfortunately, we were faced with great teachers in a poorly run school and bad teachers in a fairly good school. During the beginning years of our son’s education, we found that this unchanged program had flaws that in the long run was a detriment to our son’s learning and confidence.

He needed something that was individualized, personal, and unconventional. During our search for a school that would help him get back on track and encourage learning at an individualized level while moving him along without losing him in the process; we discovered Method Schools.

Method Schools is a public charter school. Charter schools have many different formats and like traditional public schools have their own reputation. Method Schools is a unique format that is a blended independent school program.

We get the best of both worlds, homeschooling and personalized curriculum with integrated project learning. They have a unique curriculum that is platform based created by Method Schools called Smartfox. The platform is UC (University of CA A-G course) and NCAA (athletics eligibility) approved.

What does this mean for our son? 

It means that he can work from home within a curriculum that is tailored to his individual academic level. It means that if he has questions or gets stuck he can email, video chat his teacher/mentor and hear back from them. It means that he meets with his teacher through a weekly video lesson and gets personalized help on his lessons. At the same time, we can attend onsite activities and meet with other students. Onsite activities include STEM, Robotics, PBLs (Project-based learning), and field trips.

We are in charge of our son’s learning. As parents, we are the drivers behind the wheel of his education. Method Schools requires parents to be actively a part of their child’s education and ensure that our child is working daily while giving us the tools such as teacher support and personalized instruction to provide a constructive learning environment for our child.

Looking for something different beyond the factory produced education? Check out Method Schools.

To further personalize learning, check out our customizable and mobile-friendly online curriculum. Built by curriculum pros at Method Schools, we call it "SmartFox." High quality, low cost, and, as mentioned, built by a school, not a vendor. In 2018, we're adding projects to our online courses. Not only will our courses be infused with projects and hands-on learning extensions, but schools can purchase and modify our online courses and add their own projects. 


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