Small Class Sizes Make a Big Difference

Class size is a student, parent, and teacher matter in education. From a student’s perspective, class size could be the catalyst in feeling comfortable enough to speak up for support, feeling confident in a room with peers, and understanding the educational material enough to progress throughout the year. From a parent’s perspective, class size relates directly to the attention their student receives on a day to day basis. From a teacher’s perspective, class size is extremely important to making sure that student’s are indeed being taught the material they need for the future. Even more than that, teachers strive to make connections with students throughout the year in order to help them feel comfortable and confident in risk taking, questioning, and personal growth. Small class sizes at Method are imperative to our school model. We strive to make sure that students are in fact seen, heard, and successful during the school year.

At Method, I know each and every one of my students extremely well. I can say this confidently and proudly. I know their strengths and struggles with the curriculum, I know what their passions are based on the projects they choose to complete, and I know what they need from me in order to succeed inside the classroom. For a teacher, it’s a dream. But more than that, I know each of them personally as well.  I know their hobbies, I know their parents/guardians, I know if they are having a rough day or a fantastic day. For me, this is the most important part of teaching - after all, the students are the reason why I do what I do. Knowing them and letting them know me makes education stronger, and this would not be possible without small class sizes.

Throughout the year, we gain new students who are seeking a change from their current educational path. Gaining new students is a process that we look forward to because of the fact that we strive in making sure their academic progress can be turned around. Whether students are doing poorly at their old school, class sizes are making them feel invisible, or they want to try a blended learning program, Method is committed to learning about the student and creating a path of success for them as an individual.

Small schools like Method allow for trust within the community. As cliche as it sounds, trust means everything to students as well as teachers. Once a student trusts you, it’s rather easy to push them academically. For them, they understand that someone believes that they can take a risk regardless of the end result. For me, I understand that they trust me enough to know I will not let them fail. As a teacher who has formerly taught up to 200 students in one year (drowning to connect with each of them), I know that small schools and class sizes mean the difference between a successful, positive school community full of growth and risk, and a school community full of students who have the potential, but nobody to notice. Method notices each and every student for their potential, and keeping the school community small directly connects with the successful results we see from them each and everyday.


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