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Working together to solve problems within the community. The Colony provides a student driven environment that fosters collaboration in identifying local and global needs and discovering ways to serve. The Colony is collaboration with a purpose at Method Schools. Available to all students in Arcadia and Murrieta.

Discovering Ways to Serve.

Student collaboration with a distinct purpose. 

Mission Statement: Our mission is to serve others through collaboration and kindness. We as students in the Colony are passionate about helping others who are less fortunate than us. We dedicate our time to raising resources and awareness in our community. - Method Students

colony logo.pngStudents at Method spend time weekly thinking of anyone but themselves! Students learn valuable skills of citizenship through philanthropy, along with 21st Century skills of collaboration through global thinking and problem solving. Those that participate in The Colony seek problems and areas of need in the local and global communtities and through collaobration and critical thinking, discover ways to help.

Identify Local & Global Causes

Students are provided all of the necessary tools and resources to research and discover those in need locally and across the globe. Whether it's providing gifts for children at a local foster home, or raising awareness and funds for a Haitian village without electricity, students are encouraged to continue to find ways to help others. 




Collaborate to Serve 

In The Colony, Service Learning is strictly student-driven, where they may be given some initial ideas, but all research, activities, and decisions are made by the students. Through a high level of collaboration, students problem solve to find the best ways to help those most in need.  

Hands-on Learning

Students learn the most valuable ciitzenship and leadership skills through work in The Colony. Through researching ways to help and collaborating to implement that help, students learn far more than they could learn in any textbook. There is no way to understand the feeling of serving others than by actually doing it. This skill and appreciation of serving others can carry them thorugh a lifetime of fullfillment all while making the world a better place!