College-Ready Learning from Anywhere

How Does E-Learning Work at Method Schools?

At Method Schools, students communicate daily with their teacher as they work within the virtual classroom. Our e-learning classes include:

  • UC A-G-approved coursework 
  • Mobile-friendly curriculum
  • Virtual test groups
  • One-on-one support
  • Test prep options

Students can create their own schedules and learn from anywhere. It’s why Method Schools is a favorite among student athletes, performers, homeschoolers, and students on the go.

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How does E-learning work

Use Any Device

Unlock Engaging Curriculum You Can Trust

With our online platform, students can access assignments, dig into lessons, take tests, access instant staff messages, and interact in fun forum discussions on any device.

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Unlock Engaging Curriculum You Can Trust

Learning Tailored to You

Get a Personalized Online Learning Experience

At Method Schools, students can access instructional support via one-on-one meetings, small class instruction, extracurricular tiles, and study hall. Your online experience is packed with personalized learning and unlimited support, so you can accomplish your dreams faster.

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Get a Personalize Online Learning Experience

In-Depth Study Halls

Get Ahead with Virtual Study Hall

Study halls are hosted virtually every week and are a chance for students to learn more about a specific subject. Each teacher sets aside time to let students gain extra study in a subject area.

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Get Ahead with Virtual Study Hall

Socialization Programs

Use Extracurricular Activities to Grow

Extracurricular tiles are nine-week elective classes. Students can participate in up to four tiles. The tiles let students socialize with their classmates in and out of the classroom—all while digging into an interest or hobby.

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Use Extracurricular Activities to Grow

Key Features

Get one-on-one direction
Frequent one-on-one meetings fuel your student’s online learning experience and keep them on track to reach their goals. Instruction is personalized based on each student's strengths, needs, and interests.
We focus on small classes
We focus on small classes and targeted learning. Students and teachers use data to close learning gaps, overcome learning challenges, and set goals.
Access quality learning
Access quality learning from anywhere. Our flexible classes let you craft a learning schedule that drives better results and reduces stress.