High School Graduate Information 2021

*4/9 Update: We are still receiving photos and video footage. Please get those turned in as soon as possible.

Check out this brand new tutorial on uploading your photos and video footage to DropBox!  Click Here


Teachers & Counselors

Students, please continue to work closely with your teachers to ensure that you submit all class assignments. Parents, we encourage you to keep in touch with your student’s teachers and guidance counselor to ensure that he or she is on track to graduate. If you need confirmation from your guidance counselor or have questions, please email Elizabeth Bissett or Steve Bentley.


Graduation Ceremony

Date/Time: Wednesday, June 9th, 2021  at 3:00pm
Location: Virtual Ceremony streamlined on Zoom. Prior Registration Required

Register for the High School Graduation Zoom Link Here:  12th Grade Graduation Zoom Registration


Graduation Registration

This online Graduation Registration Form must be completed for all seniors. The deadline to complete the Graduation Registration Form is April 1, 2021. UPDATE: We are still accepting registration forms!


Cap & Gown Information

Josten’s has informed us it will be imperative for you to order your cap, gown, and tassel by March 15, 2021, ensuring that you will receive all materials in a timely manner. Though it is optional, the cap/gown/tassel package is approximately $29.00* plus $9.95 for shipping and handling. Click on Jostens for Method High School to make your purchase. We recommend ordering any additional commemorative memorabilia at the same time to save on shipping. Call Jostens at 1-877-475-7027 if you have questions. 

*If purchasing a cap and gown presents a financial hardship and you would like one, please email Jen Wiersma to discuss alternate options.


Student Performances at the Ceremony

If you have an interest in speaking or singing at the event, please mark that on the form. We will be in contact by the end of March with more details.

The final deadline to submit any speeches or vocal performances for consideration is April 1, 2021.


Graduate Shoutout Videos


We want to showcase your unique Method Story and celebrate your next steps! Please click on the link below and upload up to four photos and a video all about you and your post-graduation plans by April 1st, 2021. (UPDATE: We are still accepting material.)

Click Here to Upload the Tutorial on Submitting Your Material

Answer the following questions in 20-45 seconds:
  • Introduce yourself
  • Talk about what your plans are next
  • Send a shout out to other grads, family members or someone else who helped you get through this crazy school year and beyond
Helpful tips for filming yourself:
  • Remove anything distracting from the background
  • Place a light in front of you rather than behind you
  • try to limit noises
  • Shoot from the top, looking down a bit.
Photos we recommend you submit:
  • A baby or toddler photo
  • Family Photo
  • Graduate Photo (You may choose your own photographer and wear a royal blue cap & gown with tassel or choose casual wear.
    We recommend taking a photo from the shoulders up whether capturing it personally or professionally.)
  • Photo of you doing your favorite activity
  • Upload these files here by creating a folder to drop them into and please name the folder EXACTLY how you want your name to appear on the video.  GO HERE:  Dropbox link for Senior Photos and Video

If you have questions, reach out to Jen Wiersma, our Community Development and Event Specialist.



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