How to Homeschool: Homeschool 101 For Families

It can be intimidating to choose home school for your child, but it doesn't have to be! We're here to help you every step of the way to a personal and flexible education for your child.

Section 1:

Types of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is an option in the state of California (and many other states) that allows you, as the parent, to keep your child at home during the hours they would typically be in school.

The three most common options for homeschooling in California are: 

    • The Private School Affidavit, or PSA. 
    • Online school, or school at home.
    • Virtual independent study.

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Section 2:

Learning Coach vs. Teacher

The parent's role in homeschooling varies based on the type of homeschooling you choose. This can range from primary teacher to traditional parent support.

  • PSA - You make all the decisions. You are the sole teacher.
  • Online School - You are a traditional parent, receiving updates from your child's teacher. 
  • Virtual Independent Study - The parent is the Learning Coach, who partners in their child's education with a teacher. 

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Section 3:

Understanding Curriculum

School curriculum includes textbooks, assignments, projects, materials, videos and assessments in a course. Homeschooling parents often take an active role in reviewing and selecting curriculum. Here's how: 

  • With a PSA, selecting all curriculum and generating all assignments.
  • With an online school, monitoring your student's report cards and ensuring homework is done.
  • With virtual independent study, partnering with your child's teacher to generate pacing goals and share supplemental materials.

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Section 4:

Parent Support & Education

Taking control of your child's education may create a slight learning curve for you as you navigate homeschooling. Parental resources and support vary by homeschooling option: 

  • A PSA will require you to seek resources on your own.
  • An online school will provide you with many of the resources of a traditional school.
  • Virtual independent study programs will partner with you to provide resources.

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Section 5:


How can you replace the built-in friendships of a traditional classroom? You might be surprised to know that homeschooled students and parents generally have a strong social network. Here's how:

  • With a PSA, the options are limited to your own desire to find friends.
  • With an online school, you'll have access to after school activities. 
  • Virtual independent study provides flexibility and options from the school itself.

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Section 6:

Holistic Education

Thinking about your child's whole development is likely what brought you to homeschooling in the first place. There is a unique homeschooling fit for all families. Finding that fit requires some personal inventory and research into the available options. 

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It can be intimidating to choose home school for your child, but it doesn't have to be! We're here to help.