A high quality education that's tuition free

Method Schools offers a virtual learning experience with unlimited online support, teacher guidance, flexible scheduling, instructional funds for all K - 12 students, and parent workshops.

Why it Works

  1. Unlimited teacher interaction.
    Your child's interaction with teacher support is unlimited through weekly one on one meetings, targeted direct instruction (TDI), and chat. We make sure you have the resources needed for success. Parent workshops are also available to share important resources.
  2. Online curriculum fit for your child.
    No time to find a curriculum for your child? We offer multiple platforms and our teachers can help you find the best fit. Our Smartfox curriculum is at no cost to you and accessible on all devices.
  3. Enrichment Funds.
    It's not just high-quality academics. Our funds give students the opportunity to be more well-rounded. Based on an approved vendor list, students can find enrichment outside of the classroom. Your schedule is flexible so you can work your schedules around each other.
  4. Tiles.
    Learning extensions deliver fun in the classroom and friendships with classmates. Your child can participate in 3-4 weekly tiles. Every quarter we will add a new variety of fun. This is a great way to get social outside of the classroom. 

Student to teacher interaction

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