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Online Learning

Online Charter Schools: Everything You Need to Know

The type of school you choose for your child’s education could change the course of their life forever. If you’re a parent, you probably already understand the critical weight of the decision. It only makes sense to learn everything you can about your options.  And with more parents choosing online charter schools than ever, it’s time to get to the bottom of this often-misunderstood type of education.

Charter Schools

What are Charter Schools and How Do they Work Online?

Charter schools are jumping in popularity, and online learning is exploding in all directions. Still, if you’re like most parents, you may not understand what charter schools are—or how they work online. That’s a scary unknown if you’re trying to pick out the best learning environment for your child. We’re here to clear up the confusion and give you a glimpse into the world of online charter schools. In this article, we pin down exactly what charter schools do and how they work online.

Charter Schools

Education 101: What is a Public Charter School?

Public charter schools are rapidly growing in popularity. However, most parents still don’t quite understand what a public charter school is and what makes them different from other types of schools.  We’re here to set the record straight. In this article, we clear up the confusion around public charters and nail down exactly what a public charter school is.

Summer School

Enrollment Cap and Statement on Short-Term Enrollments

Background: Short-term Enrollment at Method Schools As a non-classroom based California public charter school, Method often enrolls students for durations shorter than an entire school year. The nature of independent study is flexible and often asynchronous. Some students, due to illness, sports, family situations, etc. often enroll at our school for a few weeks or months, rather than an entire year or more. Our school is optimized to accommodate students who need a non-traditional school experience such as this. It's one reason Method was so prepared to handle an influx of students as schools began to close due to covid-19.


Supplementing Your Child's Education with Accredited Homeschooling Programs

Looking for ways to improve your child’s education from home? Supplementing education with online homeschooling may be the perfect solution. 

virtual school

What Does Virtual School Look Like?

This article was originally published in December 2018 and has been updated for clarity and accuracy.

student athlete

The Value of Sportsmanship in K-12 Academics

Among all the excitement of K-12 athletics, sportsmanship often fades into the background. Despite being undervalued, sportsmanship plays a critical role in K-12 academics, a student athlete’s development, and even a student’s future success.

A Day in the Life of a Student Athlete

Every student athlete has their own story, but one thing is consistent across the board: Student athletes have a swath of responsibilities to juggle. If you’re eyeing online learning, it’s worth taking a minute to see what’s in store for student athletes in modern high schools. 

online high school

How Online High School Classes Can Help Student Athletes Succeed

When it comes to learning, student athletes can’t afford to settle for the status quo. If they want to drive better results in the classroom and on the field, it takes extra commitment. It also requires a more advanced learning environment.


Origins of Change in Action: Bryan Stevenson

Bryan Stevenson grew up in Milton, Delaware, in the 1960s and spent his early years at a “colored” elementary school. Though desegregation was enacted shortly after his first grade year, the old rules of segregation were hard to shake. Black and white kids played separately. Backdoors were used by black people when entering certain establishments, and community facilities were still informally segregated.